The Real Reason For The USA Trillion Dollar Debt

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4 Responses to “The Real Reason For The USA Trillion Dollar Debt”

  1. MTR Says:

    You may know what this says but to anyone else this is just a chart with numbers and Bible verses. You’ve proven nothing without giving any sort of explanation as well as the history of the Bible Code Matrix.

    And you post similar matrix for your other posts and they seriously mean nothing to the average person. You need to “teach” the reader how to translate it. Right now, it looks like nothing but gibberish. It’s up to YOU to make it readable and understandable.

  2. jjoshuajj21 Says:

    This is a Bible Code Matrix report, These Words are in close proximity to each other, in the matrix, which gives these words significance. This research finding details how the trillion dollars was used, and how We-The-People have been cheated.

  3. MTR Says:

    I applaud your efforts to post the chart, but it’s totally unreadable.

    • jjoshuajj21 Says:

      It really is NOT un-readable, if you’ll look at the top left of the page, you’ll see a control that says “full-page,” Click on full-page, then move to the bottom of that page where more controls are; you’ll see a + for ENLARGE, and the rest is easy. This is the only way to post a pdf file-??-

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